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This is How Technology Has Benefited The World

This is How Technology Has Benefited The World

The world seems to have begun to accelerate the path of technology, with the advent of the computer as the development of the microchip and mic processor, which have been gaining momentum since the 1906s.

According to the International Telecommunication Union ( ITU) in 2010, there are only eight countries lagging behind Nepal in the development indicators.  

The use of technology in performing any task also enhances the work satisfaction and motivation of the workers, as well as helps the management to make quick and accurate decisions. With the help of information and communication, it is possible to know what kind of work has been done in the world environment and to what extent it has benefited.

Technology has the potential to make a significant impact on business operations, so no matter the size of your enterprise, technology has scalable and unparalleled benefits that help bring your revenue and results to customers on demand. Technical infrastructure affects the relationship between culture, capacity, and business.

Sweden, Luxembourg, South Korea, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, and the United Kingdom are among the countries that have used technology the most. The computer was used to keep a record of the census in (B.S) Sal, which can be considered as Jai Ganesh in our journey of technology in Nepal.

there are many areas where the technology is used the most but I am mentioning some of them:


In education

Technological advances have helped to initiate many positive changes in the field of education. Computer technology in schools and colleges helps to explain topics better and make the process of learning and teaching easier and more interesting.

Students can search for concepts that they can learn in books on the Internet and find out more. It deepens their knowledge. Distance learning programs can only be due to the Internet.

In business

The technology developed by the scientist can completely change the business.

Just as machines have helped companies to produce low cost and high quality products. As a result, turnover and income have increased.

Due to the growing demand of people,  the importance of technology in business is also increasing

In health

The Positive Effects of Technology on Society It is clear from the progress made in the last few decades that the use of technology in the field of healthcare has helped us to develop many ways to diagnose dangerous diseases.

In addition, technological advances in the field of medicine have helped to provide better health care to the patients of backward nations.

In security

Peace and stability are essential for the progress of a nation. For peace to be established,  a nation must be strong in terms of security. Which is possible only because of the improvement of weapons , missiles , fighter jets , chips and nuclear power technology.

By creating a security system, it is possible to replace high-tech weapons with new technology. History has shown that nations win wars because of their advanced security equipment  .

In Accountability

If we can also use technology to maintain transparency and the use of any technology will help to show the accuracy of the account which will lead to the development of the reduction of corruption as well as the work of accountability .

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